Strategy & Intelligence


After +20 years of experience, we know that companies consist of systems with numerous processes running simultaneously.

Like any system, there are breaks in performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

But and now?

Where to intervene? What is the priority? What are the results of the interventions? Etc…

Among many other benefits, Multisector can help your company to:

  • Achieve goals quickly and efficiently;
  • Reduce costs and improve the performance of the organization;
  • Identify opportunities and / or problems in advance;
  • Monitor critical success factors in real time.

What is it?

Each company is unique and that what serves company “A” may not suit company “B”, however similar they may be.

Do not settle for standard solutions and tools that do not take into account your history, your vision, your goals…

Our integrated Strategy & Intelligence services are designed entirely tailored to each company and each manager, guaranteeing you the best results with the least investment.


Multidisciplinary teams with more than 30 Consultants at the service:

  • Business Strategy and Management;
  • Engineering (industrial, IT, biomedical, product, etc.);
  • Internationalization and Marketing;
  • Finance and Taxation.

And with its own methodology, in just 4 steps:

  1. Diagnosis of management, processes and people;
  2. Critical points analysis;
  3. Results-oriented Strategic Planning;
  4. Execution support
  5. Results!

Tools and Deliverables

The needs of each organization are unique, therefore, our Strategy & Intelligence services are supported by good multisectoral practices, methods, tools and systems developed according to the needs of each manager:

  • Strategic plan;
  • KPI monitoring map;
  • Governance model;
  • Costing and pricing tool;
  • Performance evaluation system;
  • Methodology for awarding the prize;
  • Skills map;
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Viability studies;
  • Costing of products and services;
  • Among others…

For whom?

According to our experience and sensitivity, these services are especially suitable for:

  1. Companies in the process of innovation, modernization and expansion
  2. Companies in the investment phase in Business Digitization (BI)
  3. New business: Acquisitions and Mergers, Spinoffs e Internationalization (FDI)
  4. Family Businesses in the process of succession of management
  5. Stagnant companies in the process of making a leap in their growth

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