Research & Technological Development

Multisector has an important role in establishing and managing the relationships of technological partnerships, both with companies and with Entities in the R&I System.

For the realization of these technological partnerships, Multisector has a growing portfolio of more than 400 partners between Companies and Entities in the R&I System.


Market Studies

  • Sector/Industry/Technology/Product analysis
  • Opportunity Studies
  • Technical and Commercial Feasibility Studies
  • Technological surveillance
  • Risk Analysis and Implementation of Control Methodologies

Technical and Operational Consulting

  • Creation and Management of Co-creation Innovation Consortia
  • Logistic and Intralogistic Planning
  • Implementation of efficiency methodologies
  • Procurement of partners and suppliers
  • Process analysis and efficiency maximization
  • Establishing technological partnerships
  • Operational Management and Efficient Processes

Technology and Product Engineering

  • Definition and planning of R&DT projects
  • Support in the development of new products/technologies
  • Acceleration of time-to-market of proof-of-concept products
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property

Innovation and Industry 4.0 Management

  • Implementation of Management Systems
  • Business Digitization Consulting
  • Industrial Costing and Cost Reduction Systems
  • Implementation of Innovation Management Systems
  • Product and Project Management Systems
  • Implementation of monitoring systems
  • Simplification of Performance Indicator Dashboards (Data Analytics)

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