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Which came First: The Chicken or the Egg?
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Innovation or Funding?

Innovation or Funding?

At Multisector we know that dozens of millionaire ideas, revolutionary prototypes and promising businesses are currently stagnating in the lie of organic growth. The truth is that winning businesses are those that enter the market quickly, achieve a competitive advantage and lead since their creation.

“Without funding, it is difficult to bring projects to the level of maturity and innovation required to obtain funding.”

This paradox seems like a joke, but the financing programs limit companies’ freedom of strategic investment due to the need to fit expenses as eligible and specific innovation criteria.

An example is the impossibility of financing treasury needs, essential to overcome the project implementation phase where self-financing is scarce.

Multisector is specialized in Innovation and Financing and knows the limits of both, so we do not discriminate the levels of innovation in the initial phase and we help inventors and entrepreneurs to obtain the financing they need. In addition to working with all national (PT2020) and European (H2020) financial instruments, we have a vast network of contacts with more than 15 Venture Capitals a Business Angels with different interests and specifics with which we are already familiar.

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What’s in it for me?

Our team acts for the success of clients, so our engineers, strategists and managers work together to:

  1. Improve your value proposition;

  2. Securing the necessary funding for your business requirements;

  3. Develop your business and achieve quick return on investment.

For Spin-offs and Start-ups with funding difficulties, the benefits of venture capital are countless. Not only do they obtain the necessary funds for their activity, but they will also have the close support of a team of experts interested in the success of their company.

The same applies to more mature companies in a growth or innovation phase, venture capital can be the ideal financing solution to accelerate business, diversify portfolios or even markets.


Multidisciplinary teams with more than 35 consultants at service:

  • Business Strategy and Management;
  • Engineering (industrial, product, computer, electronic, biomedical, etc.);
  • Internationalisation and Marketing;
  • Finance and Taxation.


Here the entrepreneur can count on our support in all phases of the process:


Support and Coaching to the entrepreneur


Idenfication of Extra2020 funding possibilities


Technical and economic diagnosis of the idea/project


Elaboration of Business Plan


Preparation of Due Diligence Dossier


Presentation of the project to various sources of funding


Negociação e defesa do empreendedor


Monitoring and implementation of the strategic plan

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